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Posted: 17th October 2016

The Longest Way Round. . .

The road in front of Milla, somewhere in Sweden, at night. . . .is oft the shortest way home, according to the philosophy prof, or at least his 'auld Irish mother'1. I don't think Milla thought it was, though, when she snapped this picture at my request. Sweden is a very long country, and it's farther to her cousin's house than it is to Rome, she says. I love technology. It allows me to annoy someone riding in a car half a world away (she wasn't driving) and cajole them into sending me a photo, thus allowing me to see what they see. Which in Milla's case was the dark road to Lund.

That's the h2g2 Post for you: letting people see what we see. Read this issue, and you'll be amazed at what our contributors have to show you: South African caves with a violent past. A rare twist in the typically absurd pattern of London traffic – or, possibly, a scene from a new horror movie to rival the Japanese franchises. A dog wearing a necktie on small-town Main Street. A new film gracing the Oxford cinema. A foxy spirit winking slyly by the side of the road.

We've got a lot of fun packed into this one. You'll giggle or snigger, if not outright snorkle at our rarefied humour. And yes, the Management wishes to point out that the h2g2 Post is practically the only venue on the interwebs whose users actually request cartoons with Florence Foster Jenkins puns. What that says about us, we leave to your imaginations. This week, even the wildlife may make you chuckle.

We're midway through October, so remember, you have until Halloween to send in your strange-but-true spooky tales. If the one by FWR doesn't make you shiver, and then mutter, 'Cool!', we miss our guess. pebblederook has a haunting musical tale that will have you on the edge of your piano bench.

So read, ponder, comment, contribute. We want you to enjoy the supernatural month as much as possible. Dress warmly out there, the wind's picking up. Maybe put a knitted cozy on your mobile.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Rhinoceros Hornbill by Willem.
  • The Octopi That Menaced London.



  • A black cat looking out a screen door.
  • A dog wearing an necktie and marching in a parade.

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1This was supposed to explain Thomas Aquinas. It didn't.

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