Brother Fox

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FWR has an interesting dream life.

Brother Fox

A mysterious fox.

Had a really vivid dream last night. I was riding to work to start a stupid-o'clock shift when I got to a bend I normally, quite safely and legally take at 70mph. Halfway into the bend a fox runs out in front of me and with a sickening crunch I hit the poor beast.

Coming to an emergency stop I walk back and see the poor thing is at death's door. I bend down and gently lift the animal, apologising for running him down. The fox winks at me, smiles and says, "Could've been worse, Brother, it might have been you lying here".

A few hours later I'm actually riding the same road for real. I get to the dream bend, clear view, nothing at all on the road in either direction and I slow down to a crawl.

As I bank my bike, a fox runs out in front of me. I easily stop well before him. Brother Fox also stops, gives me a knowing smile and disappears into the night.

Don't know if my dream saved him or he saved me – either way, thank you, Brother!

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