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Posted: 19th September 2016

Sunny Dispositions

A sunflower in extreme closeup. How are you feeling? We hope you're greeting each new day with the mindless, er, boundless optimism of this sunflower. Which popped up over the wall to surprise the commuters in the municipal parking lot recently. As we had been planning for it to do since we put the seeds in this spring. Another piece of sneakiness perpetrated by the Post Editor and confederates. There's a whole row of them, and to our delight, they grew tall and made flowers before frost. Life abounds with little satisfactions like that. What are yours? Take a picture of them and send them to the Post so we can all share.

Speaking of sharing, Amy Pawloski and her family took a monumental trip this summer, out to Yellowstone National Park in the western US. She'll be sharing her memories and photos over the next few weeks, with a two-parter appearing in this week's issue. Enjoy the photos, and chat with Amy about what she experienced. Amy also has a news update on her long-term plans for a visit to UK h2g2ers next year. Catch it in the 'Write Early and Often' section below.

Willem has a monkey to share. It's awesome, you won't want to miss it.

FWR shares some philosophy with us again this week. A lot of us start thinking about the passage of time as the leaves turn, and FWR waxes thoughtful about what it all means in an essay called 'Full Circle'.

Have you started work on your contribution to Create's September challenge yet? Think about your music-making experiences. Your Editor dusted off the thinking cap and came up with a somewhat embarrassing reminiscence which you will now rush to read in order to laugh and mock. Be my guest. Your Editor was not always politically correct.

Awix is back with cinema, we are back with humour. We even dredge up some dodgy jokes from the past, and some even dodgier song lyrics to quiz you on.

We recommend reading this week's issue on a handheld device. Why? So that you can get out and enjoy the autumn weather, of course. Peruse the Post from a park bench 'neath a gently shedding maple. Then when strangers ask what you're laughing at, pass on the link. Do your bit for snark, it's your duty as a h2g2er.

And enjoy your week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • De Brazza's Monkey by Willem.
  • You want to buy a Snugger. You know you do.


(More to follow)

  • Snake River.
  • A scenic view.

  • Create September

  • All God's creatures got a place in the choir.
    Tell us about your music-making experiences.


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