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Time for an update!


A few weeks ago, I edited the non-Post version ofAmy P's 2017 UK Trip to state that Tom and I would likely be traveling the first or second week of August, and would be in the UK for 2 weeks. Well, there has been a major change of plans1. I'm still coming, but Tom won't be. Not for any bad reason! We simply are starting to make some long-term plans that the funds represented by an extra air fare and such will help quite a bit with2. I will still quite likely be over there for 2 weeks, but I might come a little earlier in the summer. This change simplifies things immensely. Not only in the obvious financial ways, but if I'm the only one traveling, then we don't have to figure out who will be watching PaperKid and Notepad for us while we are away!

Some may remember that the impetus for finally doing this trip was the fact that next summer is Tom and my 20th wedding anniversary. We're still going to do something, even if it's "just" heading to wherever my flight is going to originate from a day or so early and spending time alone together before I leave. Much simpler to find someone to watch the girls for a few days than for 2 weeks-and-a-bit! It'll be easier to make plans, too, with only one set of tastes to work with...

I will continue to keep folks updated, though only major things will make their way into The Post. I'll try to remember to update the tag on my name when/if there are updates to the notPost version...

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1Which will be reflected in my version of this once this version goes live.2Said plans are not at a point where sharing is helpful.

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