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Posted: 11th July 2016

Colour Us Restful

Flooded Paris, 2016.
Admire the peaceful scene. If you're stuck on a train, don't you wish you were on that boat, with your line in the water? Go away, fish, don't bother me. Fishing is just a perfect excuse for being quiet and enjoying the view. Meditate on nature, and do not, at this point, think about politicians. Let them argue all they want in Parliament or Cleveland, the city that has banned water pistols but not firearms from the summer's festivities. Shut them out and drink in the sights of lake, sky, and green hills. No one will disturb you except that red-winged blackbird in the rushes. Don't you love summer? It's colourful and peaceful at the same time.

This week's Post is like that. We've got a colourful bird for you. Petey the farm dog has colourful thoughts. (He's deep, that Petey, if a bit delusional.) One of our h2g2 travellers has found a brightly coloured mummy, but he, too, seems peaceful. Zzzzz…

At this point, you're ready for reverie. Join the geezers in Peer Review as they ponder deep philosophical issues involving Turkish pronunciation. Muse on Victorian questions of Love. Wonder what the well-dressed god of yesterday was wearing? We've got that, too. Stargaze a bit with us, and dreamily dance with that moon we didn't know we had.

You get the idea.

Still have restless energy after all that? Awix will send you over to the cinema to watch aliens. Take your knitting loom with you. Your Editor will show you how to keep your hands busy and out of the popcorn while you thrill to the latest scifi action.

Speaking of Awix, his fans should take note: there's something truly special coming up next're going to love it...

Summer's here, and so are we. Let's make the best of it! Have a great week! (And send more Stuff.)

PSAn empty spool and a full spool. See these spools? That's what Post issues are like. We fill 'em up, and then go get more thread(s). This metaphor brought to you by summer daze…

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Redbill by Willem.
  • Petey atop his doghouse.



Knitting... is clearly a cult. It requires learning ritualistic hand movements accompanied by unearthly ceremonial chanting such phrases as 'Knit one purl one knit one purl one knit Ron Perlman...' and so forth. Practitioners of this perverse rite ritually wear strange garb that mark them out as different from normal beings; scarves and bobble hats. And the implements they use to perform these sacraments are needles, devices that conjure up images of backstreet tattooists and drug dealers (not to be confused with The Needles, Isle of Wight, obviously).

A Researcher Who Shall Remain Nameless

  • Finishing a 'washmitt'.
  • Galaxy Babe saw a mummy..

  • Create July Challenge.

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