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Posted: 13th June 2016

Weaving Tales

Lola the Wonder Doglet hogs all the yarn. Yes, Lola the Doglet, two kilograms1 of canine naughtiness, has taken over the yarn bag. Obviously, it's a dog bed. Equally obviously, the expensive dog bed she already has is completely unsuitable, and belongs under the guest bed. Lola uses it as a place to lurk before pouncing on the big cats with a ferocious bark. She finds it entertaining when they run away. (So do we: the bigger cat weighs about four times what Lola does.) Anyway, the yarn supplies are safe from burglars. Lola is on guard.

Like all that yarn, the world around us is raw material – just waiting to be spun into stories. Take FWR: he's just been on a fantastic adventure. In France. With motorcycles. And he learned a new word in French. You'll see why that's important when you read the first installment of his epic saga, 'Lost in France'. Starting this week, and continuing through June.

Perhaps less epic is this week's Ninja Film Review. I warned Awix I was going to review The Angry Birds Movie. I invited him to do the same. He muttered something about 'he didn't mind lowbrow, but…' So I am out to prove that the brightly-coloured gaming birds2 are, in fact, quite intellectual. Let me know what you think, and if you've seen it. Frankly, the only thing that would have improved it would have been if Jason Statham had done one of the voices. But we did get Sean Penn... In the meantime, Awix has reviewed something much more intellectual, with orcs in.

So, FWR's been to France on his bike, Willem's been out in the woods and working at the easel, Awix and I have both been in the cinema, and the kudzu's been growing everywhere. (Check 'Writing Right' for that reference.) Bluebottle has been out at the wharf, investigating ships that pass in the night (and in the daytime). Soak up the nautical terminology.

Create want to know where you've been, or what you've done or are planning to do to break out of the mundane and ordinary.

Speaking of mundane and ordinary, this week's issue is anything but. We've got adventure. We've got laughs. We've got Beauty. We've even got intellectual criticism and absurdist parody and…but why am I nattering on? Just go and read it!

And send me more Stuff. I feel like I was lazy this week, with only a dozen or so photos to load…

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Red Brocket by Willem.
  • Audrey the plastic flower and friends.



  • A brand new fridge.
  • Vide means empty.

  • Create JuneChallenge.

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1I converted that to metric, aren't you proud of me?2They are gaming birds because they're in a computer game. They're not game birds, sheesh. Keep up with the bad puns, willya?

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