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Posted: 6th June 2016

We're Full of It

The Matterhorn. Has Bluebottle been there yet? What, you may well ask, are we full of? STUFF! For the second week in a row, Your Editor has had to get out the page stretchers to fit in all the wonderful stories, photos, and news you've been sending. Nobody's complaining, mind. There is great rejoicing in the Post Office, because you've found our inbox (postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com) and are keeping it full. May it be ever so.

This week, Willem brings you a vicuña, which worked fine as soon as we sorted out what he meant by 'I hope the little n-thingies work okay…' Not only does a vicuña come equipped with a saucy little tilde, it's a beautiful and fascinating creature from South America. Meanwhile, in North America, we've snapped a breathtaking vista over at the tractor supply store parking lot. Help us caption it.

Ah, breathtaking vistas. Like that one of the Matterhorn. This month, Create want us to talk about what gives us a sense of freedom. For some, it's the heady rush that comes from truly extreme sport. We'll quiz you on that, and even share a bit of Lord Queensberry's mountain-climbing poetry. (We think he was a Vogon. Heck, we know he was a Vogon.) Some of Nigel's young friends get a sense of freedom from the mundane by joining the Nebula Scouts. Check in to see how the cookie sales are going.

Bluebottle has been really busy. Let him tell you what's up at the Flea Market, and where he's been running to (or what from),.

Were you inspired by my loom knitting saga the other week? No? Shame on you. Undeterred by your lack of handcraft enthusiasm, Milla and I have taken it upon ourselves to further instruct you in the fine art of keeping your hands busy away from the keyboard. Milla's project could well qualify as extreme DIY: she'll show you how to make cat pyjamas. I introduce you to the space-age way to manufacture pompoms. You will be grateful.

Benjaminpmoore, however, is simply inspiring, no snark required. Our caring expert pops in with a timely reminder of what we should know during National Carers Week. Heed his words.

Last but not least, Willem has been out wandering (purposefully) in the forests of South Africa. As usual, he's found some amazing things, and we've got the photos to prove it. You will enjoy them.

So off for another global thrill ride here. Read, leave comments, get ideas. And have a great week out there: remember to send us the pics!

PS Update: Florida Sailor finally broke down and ordered that Babelfish candy from Tallahassee. He hasn't got it yet. Instead, he got a very long email from the candy maker'. The gist was that Greg, the candy maker, was swamped. It seems his video went viral (wonder how that happened?) resulting in a flood of orders. People at Lofty Pursuits were working heroic voluntary overtime, and Greg had invented a digital thermometer (wonder if he tried a sonic screwdriver first?). The problem was also that they couldn't ship on weekends, because candy shouldn't sit over night in the Tallahassee heat. But Greg promised to send the candy as soon as possible, and meantime, included some amusing Vogon poetry. Greg is our hero – go, frood, go!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Vicuna  by Willem.
  • View from the tractor supply store.


(While Waiting to Thumb a Ride
on a passing starship)

  • How to make cat pyjamas.
  • Pompom machine.

(Just don't do them both at once.)
(Indoors, Outside, and Very Far Out)

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