The Cat's Pyjamas

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More handcrafts. You can't have enough to do.

The Cat's Pyjamas

Milla has a craft project for you, and it's a daring one. It will take nerves of steel and a persistence that flies in the face of self-preservation.

Just the task for a h2g2 Researcher.

It's called 'Cat Pyjamas'. Follow the easy instructions provided by Milla.

Illustrated instructions for making and fitting a pair of cat pyjamas.


  1. Liberate sock
  2. Cut to fit
  3. ???
  4. Profit

We call Step 3 'the life-threatening bit'. But maybe Milla's kittehs are more docile than ours.

Milla explains why you might want to put p.j.'s on a cat: ' I did this to Artemis when she was neutered. I think I got her home in the same day. We tried the cone first but she was terrified and would hardly move. These pyjamas kept the stitches safe while the cut off "toe" still allowed her to use the litter box.'

Now, that's taking care of your cat.

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