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Posted: 21st March 2016

We're Wedded to This Concept

A dry goods store. To what concept are we wedded, you ask? Why, to the idea that we – like the dry goods emporium in the picture – have something to offer everyone. And that the price is right: your time, attention, and good will. Wouldn't you agree?

The dry goods picture is there for another reason, of course: you can find it on one of the 'inside' pages of this week's Post. See if you can locate it. (No, Prof, you won't get a prize. You get the pleasure of reading the article.)

This week, Your Editor will share a tchotchke for March Create's 'Significant Objects' theme. Mine's a fancy jar. Well, my great-grandmother thought it was. Sort of the hillbilly approach to fine crystal. What's in your treasure trove that you'd like to bring to Create's Show-and-Tell? Share! We're itching to hear a good story.

Oh, and we've got a really good story in here from Cactuscafé. It's about marmite. You're going to love this one. WB Yeats shows up (on loan from the Summerland Gazette) with a snatch of a play we liked. And if you haven't had enough to read yet, try the book review. Because you're really going to want to read this book. It has many a chuckle, and quite a few new looks at old ideas.

Do you remember that old Monty Python sketch about confusing a cat? We've got enough puzzles in here to have your moggy running around in circles. First, Willem tells us about when sabre-toothed giraffe deer roamed the Earth. Then we show you a blue egg and ask for a caption. (No dye involved.) Then, to make things worse, we put the Post editorials through a Markov Chain text generator…we're evil like that.

And if we haven't been surreal enough yet, here comes Awix with a review of Anomalisa. Awix wrote, 'I bet this film is right up your alley.' To which I replied, 'I'm not sure how to take that.' See if the film is up your alley or down the rabbit hole.

So, stroll around the shop. Browse. Enjoy. And remember: you've got a computer. You're a h2g2 Researcher (or could be, at no cost whatsoever and in less than five of your Earth minutes). And we're willing to bet you can lay your hands on a mobile with a built-in camera. So why isn't your Create entry already in our in-box? That's what we want to know. Or send us a story. We like them...and it is guaranteed the only way you can keep us from putting even weirder Stuff in next week.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves in here, and out there this week. And remember to keep writing!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Ampelomeryx  by Willem.
  • An antique vinegar jar.



  • Carina.
  • You think it's green, but it's blue.

  • Create March Challenge.
  • Yeah, yeah, one to rule them all.

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