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Posted: 26th January 2015

Underground Links

New York subway, 1890s. Everybody's in a hurry. Everybody's going somewhere, even if they're not sure where. It would be really good to have a map, wouldn't it?

Even better would be an Underground map. You know, the simple kind that tells you where all the stops are. The Underground map links the whole, complicated, bustling world through its subterranean connections. You'd know where to change lines, go up and down those escalators, and pop up at your destination, all for the price of a single ticket.

Sort of like…hyperlinking…isn't it?

You get what we're driving at. We've got the underground connections for you, even if you aren't in New York or London. Even if your town/city/hamlet/collection of hovels' mass transit system consists of a man with a donkey. It's called h2g2, and it glides along the rails of the internet with amazing regularity. It takes you to surprising places. Next stop, The Kitchen Gadget of Gloom

Ah, thereby hangs a tale. Or three. FWR is a nut, you see, and came up with this Lovecraftian description of his kitchen repairs. Willem is an even bigger nut, and drew the whole hair-raising experience. And behold! There it is, a nut…immortalised in Art. Sometimes, we just amaze ourselves.

There is other art in these pages, such as Cactuscafe's new photo, Night Illusion. If that doesn't start your imagination going, you need to lay off the reality pills. There's essay-type Stuff in here, too: Rod's back with more thoughts on books, and Awix has been to the cinema again, and I admit to ranting on about satire – what works and what doesn't, in my humble opinion.

As usual, we've got humour, and a quiz to tease your brain. We've got astronomy and gaming news. In short, you will be entertained, informed, and challenged, as always.

So mind the gap, and have a pleasant ride!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Dugongs by Willem.
  • Pillars of Creation of Adam?



  • Kentucky Johnson and the Kitchen Range of Gloom.
  • Night illusion.


  • Janaury Create.
  • Doctor Who likes Peer Review.

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