January: Out With the Old?

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As we enter the 15th year of the 21st Century it time to start thinking about new ideas and new inventions. So do you have any new ideas about what would make life on planet Earth different? Would it be better or worse with your idea? Maybe you're an evil criminal mastermind, like Professor Doofenshmirtz, or maybe you're more Phineas and Ferb1, out for a good time?

Maybe there's an old idea or invention that you think you think could make a comeback?

Whatever your inclination, close your eyes and imagine the world with your idea/invention in it. We'd like you to describe, predict, and then write, research and/or illustrate it.

The world can be moulded to your ideas, whether for good or evil and we'd like to hear them.

1Phineas and Ferb is a Disney cartoon series, episodes of which can be found on YouTube

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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