Writing Right Challenge: Kentucky Johnson and the Kitchen Gadget of Doom

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Kentucky Johnson and the Kitchen Range of Gloom.

Freewayriding wrote this is response to a column that ranted about HP Lovecraft. Willem got to work on the drawing. We love it when things like this happen.

Kentucky Johnson and the Kitchen Range of Gloom.
It took two burly engineers to move the thing from its resting place, as it grated across the stone floor, inches of space, hidden for decades came slowly into view, accompanied by the screech of metal against terracotta .The gap widened, tempting, coaxing but also nerve jangling. What horrors would be revealed, hidden and festering in the dark, what foul creatures inhabited that pitch black cavity?

Steeling myself I squirmed into the gap, cringing as my leading hand touched sticky grime, stifling a yelp as a spider appeared at eye level.

One arm in and my upper body flexed against metal and wall until I finally came within touching distance of my goal. Greasy blackened fingers encountered sharp corners, still out of sight but oh so close now, I strained and twisted, cursing the angle my body was contorted into.
At last, with a final heave it was free, with the aid of the two stout fellows I wriggled myself back into the light, pleased with my efforts despite the disgusting black ooze that clung to the fingers of my right hand. Fingers that now clutched the elusive octagonal prize...

Nameless horror, my Aunt Fanny. But the labour'll cost you, mate.

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