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Posted: 13th January 2014

Weather and Other Adventurous Topics

Will a new weather station help? How's your weather? The UK seems to be having the worst new year ever: getting battered by wind and rain. We extend our sympathies to those in the path of storms. In the US, there's something insane called a 'polar vortex'. Sounds sort of science fiction-y, but we're not appreciating the elegance of the phrasing. Even down in the Southeast US, it's been freezing. We are not happy campers. We hope our brethren and sistren in the Southern Hemisphere are faring better than we. Is NASA's new weather satellite going to be much help? We doubt it. They'll probably just give us a better vantage point for complaining about all of it. As Mark Twain famously remarked, everybody talks about weather, but nobody does anything about it. Phooey.

So, while you're staying indoors and complaining, why not take your mind off the horrors outside and enjoy some good stories? We have a wealth of new offerings for your reading pleasure. Create's January challenge, called 'First Footing', is really stirring up a response. And we're all over the world, too. Minorvogonpoet whisks us to Grenada, Maria takes us on a leisurely walk in Spain, Asteroid Lil ventures into Scotland, and Freewayriding strands us in an airport in New York City. These are trips you want to take, trust us on this one.

A bit of an historical note: the astounding New York adventure made our author think of Arlo Guthrie. It made us think of Guthrie, too, and that mind-bending song of his. So, after you've gasped, hooted, and chortled your way through FWR's riveting account, you might want to take the requisite 18-and-a-half minutes to listen to the original. If you've heard it before, it will bring back memories. If not, it will give you a deeper appreciation of what our Researcher went through.

We hope you enjoy all this as much as we enjoyed putting it together. The Usual Suspects are back, as well, with humour, challenges, and insightful commentary. Be sure to read what benjaminpmoore has to say about support. This piece really spoke to this editor's condition, and it might speak to yours, as well.

If you've got a story to tell us, or a picture to share, remember our address; postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com.

Stay warm and dry, friends! See you in the satellite imagery.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Hammerkop by Willem
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  • La Debesa.



  • Group W this way.
  • St Georges Harbour, Grenada.


  • Ready for her closeup.
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  • The first woman balloon solo.

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