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How did you mark New Year? Did you party all night, or spend it in front of the TV? In Scotland and the North of England, there used to be a tradition of first-footing. The first person to cross the threshold was the first foot and a bringer of good fortune.

A picture of 'Buzz' Aldrin walking on the surface of the Moon taken by Neil Armstrong in July 1969.

In the spirit of first-footing, this month's Create challenge celebrates firsts: your first journey away from home, your first encounter with new technology or a strange form of wildlife, your first work challenge…the list goes on.

Tell about a memorable first in your life:

  • Your first journey – to another continent, or down the street.
  • A life-changing event – new job? Retirement? Wedding?
  • Relationship first – first date? First kiss? (We'll leave the rest to your discretion.)

For Guide Entries, think of historic firsts. There are entries on the first men on the moon but what about some other notable firsts? The first Eurovision Song Contest? The first person to sing On Ilkley Moor on TV? The possibilities are endless. Get writing, and start the New Year with your best foot forward!

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