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Posted: 9th December 2013

Deck the Halls

Sheperds encounter singing MIBs. Have you started singing carols in the shower? Are you making a list, and checking it twice? Have you figured out what to put in your hand-made mince pies? (Ask Gnomon and Lanzababy.) Most importantly, have you answered the December Create Challenge yet?

Freewayriding has. He's come up with a story that will bring a tear to your eye, or you're a hopeless Scrooge. Please read below. Also take a gander at Pebblederook's sampling from his wildly popular NaJoPoMo journal. Please bear in mind: NaJoPoMo is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to h2g2's beautiful archive policy – to wit, that we are packrats who never throw anything away – you can read these gems all year. Have you found a NaJoPoMo goody you're dying to share? Let the Post know, and we'll feature it in an upcoming issue.

This week, we're bursting at the seams with good Stuff – kind of like the department store's gift counters. Rod's project is moving on apace. Willem and Minorvogonpoet have put their heads together, and come up with a stunningly illustrated poem and fantasy cityscape combined. Bluebottle lets us in on the latest from the Flea Market, Awix has cinema covered, and benjaminpmoore's back with more words of wisdom. Your Editor tortures you with another quiz, and Nigel celebrates a milestone regarding life in the Outer Suburbs. (Congrats, ISS!)

We hope your holiday planning is going well. Remember: if you need entertaining tips, there is a friendly Search button at the top of this and every h2g2 page. It's there to help you find recipes, instructions, and handy info for your seasonal planning. Don't see what you want? Well, then. Once you've found the answer, it will be your turn to add to the Edited Guide! Enjoy your week, my friends.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Rufousbellied heron by Willem
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  • Unuclidia by Willem.



  • A Christmas memory.


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