Fantasy and Poetry: Shakespeare's Unuclidia

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The AWW lives up to its name. It is truly alternative. Willem paints, and Minorvogonpoet rhymes.

Fantasy Landscape, with Added Shakespeare

Unuclidia by Willem

On Painting Shakespeare's Landscapes

Much have I revelled in the books of old
and many clever tales and novels read.
Many lines of graceful verse ring in my head,
which I recall from Shakespeare's hoard of gold
and many times I sat bewitched by bold
enactments of scenes of love or dread.
We yearn to see the castle where, at dead
of night, Hamlet meets his father's ghost, or old
Duncan's blood stains both knife and guilty hands.
So those whose art depicts the stately hall
where Juliet met her Romeo expand
the world created by the words, so all
can feel the loss of love their fathers banned;
the famous plays continue to enthrall.
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