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Posted: 10th June 2013

Whistling Up Some Ideas

Lounging around the barber shop.

'Down by the o-l-d m-i-ll stre-am...' Do you remember barbershop quartets? Maybe you prefer doowop. There was a time when h2g2 couldn't say doowop, but some things have got fixed around here. The stripedy cats are back in, too. We're not sure about the fuzzy ear coverings, so we won't risk it. All this is to say that, like the guy holding up the barber pole over there, summer puts strange thoughts in our heads.

We share. We're generous like that.

Lady Pennywhistle is headed for the UK this summer, and would like to know who is interested in a minimeet in Leeds or London. If you're going to be in the neighbourhood, drop in on her page(s) and get in on the planning.

Pastey's been thinking. (Uh-oh.) And he's got Creative. Check out his poetry challenge for Create. It's called 'Book Poetry', and it is indeed a challenging idea. If you've got the right stuff, join in. If not, you can just admire along with the rest of us. We'll be publishing the results, count on it.

This week, the Post welcomes its newest contributor, Freewayriding, who has a really interesting dog. Besides being an agent of chaos, Cozmo inspires his people to find out more than they ever wanted to know about British currency. You'll be fascinated, as we were.

The usual suspects are back with fun, games, and food for thought. Enjoy, leave messages.

Remember: no matter how strange your thoughts are, you are not alone. The h2g2 Post is with you!

Have a good week!
PS: I believe I said last week that you'd seen the last of the meteorite story. I lied. There's one more installment, a sort of summary. Rest easy, then it's over. If anybody gets inspired to do their own graphic Guide Entry, the Editor will be glad to share the template.

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