h2g2 Leeds mini- (or nano-)meet, June/July 2013

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(Note: This whole meet thing is not certain yet, but I figured it's better to have a page first, and see what comes of it.)


Leeds. Probably city centre. Somewhere reasonably close to the university. Know of any good cafes or restaurants or something (pubs can work, I suppose, if they're not too noisy)? Let me know!


June 30 seems the most likely option. Sometime in the evening.

A different option: I might take some of the time off from the conference (depending on how things are, over there), and do something touristy, maybe take the train to York for a few hours or something like that. Still very much uncertain, of course, but if anyone would like to join me for that, let me know.


Because I'll be in Leeds for an academic conference, and would be very happy to meet any hootooers that can make it.


Well, hasn't been figured out yet, but here's what I know so far:

HonestIago lives in Leeds, and The Prof lives right nearby, so they're game.

Nosebadger can't make it, unfortunately.So only two researchers (probably) so far... looks like more of a nano-meet, I suppose.

That's all I got so far. We'll see where this goes...

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