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Posted: 3rd June 2013

Good Old Summertime

Crowning Miss Isle of Wight 1213.

Ah, summer. Time to get out the towels and head for the beach. or the pool. Unless you live in Upstate New York. They had SNOW on MEMORIAL DAY. Here in the US South, it was warm, but recent weather left us with ice water in the pool. Result? Sunburn on top of chillblains. Phooey. As the Prof says, 'Global warming? Where, where?' There seems to have been a confirmed solar sighting in Yorkshire, though, and a certain bald head was in danger of reddening. Especially as his sunscreen bottle was years past its sell-by date...

The winning contestant on the left reminds us that beauty is timeless, and everywhere to be found. Willem's found beauty in the chameleon, Anthea in the humble (but surreal) duck. Our minds run in strange but lovely channels – the sky is filled with odd planes and pilots, space is turning Wild West, and history teems with odd factoids.

We've got a quiz for you. You get to see the last of the graphic meteorite saga. (Stop cheering.) You can find out what a Venerable Researcher thinks about it all.

Paulh has a short-short story that will make you think. A lot of us were doing some thinking over the holiday weekend. There's a poem about that, too. Talk about deep thinking – Awix has a must-read cinema review about a film so devastatingly sad, you'll wonder if you have the courage to watch it, as he did. Awix bravely goes in there for us, week after week.

I'd like to take a moment to draw your attention to benjaminpmoore's column, 'I Couldn't Care Less'. Ben cares, obviously, a lot – and this week, he has something to share about love and hate and what we owe our fellow humans. Those who stop by to read will be glad they did. We are grateful to him for putting these things into words for us.

Remember: that big yellow ball in the sky is mostly harmless if you use sunscreen. (Take it from your redneck Editor.) Enjoy wisely, and don't forget to write!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Panther Chameleon by Willem
  • Emerging duck.




  • A picture of 'Buzz' Aldrin walking on the surface of the Moon taken by Neil Armstrong in July 1969.
  • Mark Twain by Willem.


  • A Foor Packet Label showing Brain's Faggots.





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