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Immediately to the right of the main doors leading to The Driveway, rising to the Upper Floors is the main staircase. Made of dark marble and wide enough for four people to walk side up side up, or down. The banisters are of a deep redwood, matching the paneling on the walls. Two columns frame the base with what look like antique vases perched on top. On the wooden panel walls are hung a range of portraits, almost exclusively of women, done in styles harking back hundreds of years, but the faces look more familiar. The frames are huge ornate gilt affairs, overshadowing the quality of the brushwork within.

To each side of the staircase is a corridor, allowing access on one side to the Parlour, the Pantry and the Library, and on the other side to the Dining Room, Drawing Room, Great Hall and further along the corridor the Billiards Room and a small staircase to the Minstrels' Gallery. Directly opposite there is a smaller door that leads downstairs to the Kitchens.

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