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The walls are covered floor to ceiling in white painted wooden paneling, whilst the floor itself is a darker wood laid in a herringbone style. The ceiling is molded plaster with gilt decoration. The whole room screams Baroque at you when you enter. The furnishings however are sparse, a few ornate chairs of french looking antique design against the walls, some small occasional tables in the middle of the floor. An old harpsichord completes the scene, placed in the bay window.

There are two sets of French windows: the first opens to the Conservatory from where you can access the Vegetable Gardens at the side of the house. The second french window leads to the Formal Gardens at the back. There's also a small door into the rear turret with a spiral staircase leading down to the Kitchen as well as Mr Body's private study immediately above. The main door leads to the Entrance Hall.

This rooms serves mainly as a summer sitting room. Mr Body often takes his newspapers into this room to read.

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