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The Conservatory is an imposing constuction, with cast iron struts, painted white, and a mixture of plain and stained glass.

You reach the conservatory from the Parlour, via one of the sets of French doors. There is an exit to the walled Vegetable Garden at the far side.

The conservatory is full of mysterious plants, mostly unlabelled, apart from some that have labels with a skull and cross bones motif. The air is heavy with the scent of musky flowers, some clambering to the roof struts. Others stand in imposing urns and pots. In one corner is a collection of carnivorous plants. There are some strange looking orchids in locked glass cases. This leads you to believe that they are both rare and precious.

There are cane and wicker chairs and tables, with cushions. Books on rare plants are also found carefully placed on a shady shelf.

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