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The kitchen garden is laid out as a potager, with decorative vegetable beds laid out in grids. The garden is the life long work of Harry McLeery who has a refuge in the Potting Shed. The garden is both beautiful and productive. Mr Body takes delight in showing his visitors around and prides himself on having such a skilled gardener.

The gardens have pathways and sections, but there are no areas that are hidden from view. You can stroll around and be seen by others, but not overheard from one side of the garden to another. ie you cannot hear what people are talking about.

As well as vegetables and fruit beds, there are hot houses for tender produce along one wall. In a far corner there is a section devoted to medicinal herbs. There are culinary herbs in the corner closest to the kitchen door entrance, which is reached by a short flight of steps.

One side of the Conservatory adjoins the Vegetable Garden. The door to the conservatory is kept locked from the inside, and there is a path to the Driveway.

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