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Leading from the Entrance Hall is a grand staircase with heavy wooden banisters, carved with ornate designs. The starcase itself is of wide marble steps, lushly carpeted in richly patterned axminster, held in place with brass stair rods, although one of these appears to be missing. The carpet is obviously custom woven, to match the stained glass windows, which bear a coat of arms from days gone by.

At the top of the staircase is a long wooden-floored gallery landing. There are various rooms leading off. The first is the master bedroom, with private bathroom. Then there is a breakfast room, reserved for the master of the house.

Next to this is a small study with spiral staircase leading down to the Parlour beneath. In the study is a large wooden desk, with tooled leather embellishments. Strewn across the desk are various important looking documents. Antique desk paraphenalia complete the scene. In the corner of the room there is a small safe.

Three smaller guest bedrooms lead from the landing, plus guest bathroom. There is also a guest sitting room. This is where Jeeves, the butler, has taken the guest coats and hats. They are to be found on two matching hat stands just inside the room. There are mirrors and side tables and chairs, so that the guests may freshen their appearance.

The guest bathroom has a cabinet in which can be found various medicines, such as paracetamol. There are also some prescription drugs in the name of June Somers, a blister pack of Warfarin sits empty on a shelf.

There is a door that leads to the Minstrels' Gallery, which forms part of the Great Hall. It overlooks the hall and was originally used by musician's playing for formal dances.
Lastly there are some small store rooms, for the use of the butler and housekeeping staff. These contain linen and other household items.

The staircase continues to the attic floor, Jeeves and the Cook have a room each up there.

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