The Drawing Room

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It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To

The drawing room is the grand, formal reception room, typical of a house this size and grandeur. It has a rich, red wall to wall carpet, with additional rugs placed strategically at the foot of several enormous, comfortable sofas that face inwards towards a large fireplace with the body of MrBody laying face down on the floor in front of it. A large candlestick from the edge of the mantlepiece is laying on the floor next to his head, and blood has pooled from a wound in his skull and is covering his mobile phone which lays next to his sprawled fingers of his right hand, whilst his left is underneath on his stomach.

The heavy gilt-framed mirror is hanging at an odd angle. Satin cushions festoon the sofas; these are a legacy from Mr Body's ex-wife, who was the last person to have anything to do with the furnishings and decor in the house. In the hearth a log fire burns gently, casting flickering light upon Mr Body's body. Some of the candles have blown out and the room appears darker and more sinister than it did earlier in the evening.

The drinks cabinet doors are open and a bottle of brandy lays on its side, the contents dripping onto the floor. A glass lays on the floor next to the cabinet.

On a side table near the cabinet is an ice bucket, replete with champagne. There are also various ingredients for cocktails such as fresh olives, lemon slices and so on. In the fridge is an automatic ice making machine.

The only doors are the ones through to the Entrance Hall, and to the Dining Room. There is also an open set of French windows out to the Maze.

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