h2g2 2012 Water Games: Update

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h2g2 Water Games.

  • 42 Events
  • 14 Days
  • Three venues

Yes, it is the once-in-a-lifetime H2G2 Water Games, The games are sponsored by the

The Waterworks

Taking place across three great, World-Class h2g2 imaginary venues are a host of events. Three new events begin each day. Each event's winner will receive the coveted gold medal.

Gold Medal

The winners will be announced in the Post.

The Venues

Clickable map of the H2G2 Waterworks

The Beach

Here the sea is always warm next to the golden, 5-mile long sandy, sheltered coast. It is everything you could ever want out of the perfect beach, with sand perfect for riding horses on or building sandcastles with. Round the cove from where the river reaches the sea is a wilder, windy area where an off-shore coral reef creates perfect waves for windsurfing.

Here is the wreck of a pirate ship, now home to fish of all shapes, sizes and colours, but the fabulous treasure is said to still be aboard.

The Swimming Pool

Renowned for its large fun pool, where there are waterslides, wave machines, rapids, fountains, waterguns, large walk-through showers, tipping buckets, a hottub, diving boards - everything any swimming pool could want, including a poolside bar.

An Olympic swimming pool has been constructed next door, with a new diving complex too.

The River

A wide, deep river that starts off at the pond, flows through the Moxonwood forest before reaching the Municpal Park and goes out to sea by the beach. Over the river at its deepest point is an impressive stone viaduct. This not only carries the local rail branch line but also a footpath and cycleway. This is a traditional spot not only for pooh-sticks, but also for bungee jumping and the annual Birdman event.

The Events

The Water Games' events include:

To ensure you keep up to date with all the events taking place, join the Games thread, where links to all events will be posted.

So sign up to the H2G2 Water Games now, They're Silly!

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