The New h2g2 Science Fiction Writing Workshop

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The New h2g2 Science Fiction Writing Workshop

A sky full of large rocks.

We, the science fiction writers who leave stories below, want to create a venue for serious science fiction on this site.

We want to engage in exploration – space, time, space/time, speculative stories, alternate realities, what-ifs, mental journeys of all kinds, etc, etc, and etc.

We do not believe that the goal of writing is to commit precious, purple prose minutely describing events that happen to people who live in the suburbs. We do not believe that this sort of thing is particularly interesting to read, either.

We do not believe that all the Good Stuff has already been written. We suspect that if we try, we can write some Good Stuff ourselves.

On the theory that this is the case, we will now post our writings below. We will pledge to read each other's Stuff and make intelligent comments.

Failing that, we will at least remain civil, and post lots of smilies.

Our official Smiley is smiley - aliensmile This signifies approval.

Let the Games begin…

How to Post

  1. Write a short story.
  2. Start a thread below. In your first post, put the A-Number of your story and an introduction.
  3. Whenever the discussion reaches Post 21, put in the A-Number again.
  4. Read other writers' stories and comment upon them in a constructive way. No whining. Excessive Postmodernism will be severely dealt with.

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