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Christopher Columbus

Here's another of those 'hidden word' puzzles. There are no prizes, but the answers will be revealed at a later date.

You need to spot the names of countries of the world hidden within the titles of h2g2 Edited Guide Entries. The length of the hidden name is shown in brackets, so, for example, if the title of the entry was...

The Castle Bar, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (11)

...then the hidden country would be "Afghanistan". The letters appear in order within the title:

the cAstle bar, FraserburGH, AberdeeNshIre, ScoTlANd

Before You Start

There are 20 countries to find (actually, there are 22, as two of the questions have two solutions). I've ignored spaces, capitalisation and punctuation. You may find additional solutions that I hadn't spotted. Award yourself bonus points if you do!

That's about it. What are you waiting for? Off you go!

1AC/DC - the Band(4)
2Antiquated Words and Phrases(5)
3A Quick Guide to South Africa(9)
4'Biggles' - by Captain WE Johns(7)
5Bluffing Your Way Through an Art Gallery(7)
6Dirt Road Etiquette(4)
7Freemasonry - the United Grand Lodge of England(10)
8Hangul - the Korean Writing System(7)
10How to Write Bad Poetry(5)
11International Chemistry Olympiad(8)
12James Doohan - Actor(6)
13Lincolnshire Ghosts(5)
14Medical Treatments For Constipation(8)
15Molesworth Books(7)
16Object-oriented Programming(6)
17Professor Branestawm - Literary Inventor(9)
18Reusing Baby Equipment(5) - two solutions
19'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain'(6) - two solutions
20'Thunderpants' - The Film(5)

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