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The MotMV HQ

||[ So are you for us or against us!?
]|[ The room of General Plotting
]|[ Jacks Office
]|[ Ben's Office
]|[ Cal's Office of Style
]|[ Haikeeba's Lounge
]|[ The MotMV Library
]|[ The MotMV Laboratory
]|[ The MotMV Newsroom
]|[ The Brig
]|[ The Cellar
]|[ The Air-Vent
]|[ The car park
]|[ The MotMV sewage pipe complex
]|[ The Renegades Room

]|[ The New New MotMV Tearoom
]|[ The Jack Presidential Campaign HQ

Other MotMV Pages

||[ The Old MotMV HQ
]|[ The MotMV Pirate Ship
]|[ The History of the MotMV
]|[ Allies of the MotMV
]|[ The MotMV Galactic Map
]|[ The MotMV Medals of Honour
]|[ The MotMV Voyager's Theme Song

Currently under construction (possibly permenantly)

After all the bother he had with his office at the MOTMV headquarters (he isnt sure anymore wether it has a floor or not, and even so its difficult to open the door after the huge piles of paperwork on his desk fell over and blocked it) Jack decided that it would be best all round if he just built himself a ridiculously large mansion. Eventually he relented and said he would share it with Cal and his baby. But, in this mansion as well as an office he decided there would be leisure facilities, spare rooms, obscene amounts of chocolate, and other such things. When he finishes building it (first he has to get funding) he is sure everyone will be jealous.

The basic construction so far has a New Office, naturally, so complaints may be filed here (so far there are 471 complaints against GB, and rising). It has a Boardroom, merely because Jack wanted to be able to sit at the head of a really big table and nod knowingly while people provided him with ideas and a LivingRoom-Slash-Kitchen as a sort of home version of the Tearoom, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you have any ideas, or wish to provide funding, please feel free. However, remember to knock before coming in and bring a suitably large chocolate bribe.

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