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Trust Me I'm A Scout

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

This article is in now way to defame the Scout Movement. It is a great Youth movemnet, and I am infact a Rover Scout. Should you wish to discuss this entry, please do.

Trust Me I'm A Scout

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I'm also a scout (albeit Girl Scouts) and sort of a defacto boy scout through family involvement.
What is a Rover Scout? I'm American so its a bit different in the US, so I'm curious.

Trust Me I'm A Scout

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A Rover (here in Australia, anyway) is a Scout who has reached the ripe old age of 18, and wants to continue doing Scouty stuff until they hit 26.
It allows you to do all sorts of things that minors wouldn't be allowed to organise for themselves (eg Parachuting), and also opens up your options a bit financially for more varied and wild activities. Oh, and we help out with running big things like Jamborees and Ventures.
And I'd just like to say that I've been a Scout since 1985, and I've never once helped anyone across a road, and I certainly haven't been paid $50 for mowing a lawn ! (More's the pity).

Trust Me I'm A Scout

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

Yeah neither did I. I was making having fun. Heck I did Bob-A-Job once, and got a total of $5, so I decided never to do it again.

I have since left the Movement, I have no time for it these days, and also the fact that I recently accept that I am gay, which made it hard to have fun while still being in the closet.

I love the Scout Movement, but it's not for me these days. And as I said before, I didn't intend to defame the Scout Movement, and I just hoped that other Scouts could see the humour in it.

Trust Me I'm A Scout

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

I'm a Guide, in the UK, well actually a Guider. We don't sell biscuits or cookies at all really, except in rare circumstances in ornate tins which is what most people buy with the food being a sideline. In the UK the older scouts are called Ventures.

could I request that your article be edited to indicate the country of origin as scouting/guiding is subtly different world round.


Trust Me I'm A Scout

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Researcher 227554

I found your entry very funny. I am a scout myself and a girl. That does not mean I am a guide or girl scout. In the UK almost every scout troop lets in girls. I think that we are all very strange. I went to the 20th World Scout Jamboree in Thailand over Christmas and it was amazing. I now have the travel bug. Greetings fellow scouters! Keep those knots coming!

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