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The first man on the moon

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Do you want to insult the Scout Movement?
Do you know that Armstrong, the first man on the moon, was a scout?
By the way, I've never seen a scout helping someone cross the street (the German streets ar so safe!).

On scout camps I learned for example to tie gallows, I slept under a motorway bridge and on a park bench for the first time.

So you see, as a scout you can learn very important things (and more...)

The first man on the moon

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Garibaldi - Patented Mr G party at F14181?thread=256534

Well I didn't see this reply before, but I was wondering what to say.

Yes, I do know that Armstrong was a Scout, in fact he was an Eagle Scout. Hence 'The Eagle Has Landed'. To give you some more usless facts, every American that has walked on the moon has been an Eagle Scout.

I did not intend to insult the Scout Movement. In fact at the time of writing it I was in the Rover Section in Australia. I since have left due to personal reasons.

I was having a laugh at great Youth Organisation that sets world standards for every other youth movement. However sometimes I found that they would get bogged down in red tape and quite frankly 'up themselves', and I was having a joke about that.

I guess your reply makes sure that I won't go back. I enjoyed the activities, and skills that I learnt, and one of them was humour. If you could not see the humour value, maybe German Scouts forgot to teach you that.

If you look at other entries I have written, you will find most of them have some form of humour to them. Just one question, did at any point while reading the entry did you get a laugh? Maybe you should read my other entries, and if you don't find any humour, then I guess your sense of humour is different to mine.

Just because I dislike American Humour (sorry to all the yanks out there), does not mean I tell them that they are insulting a great thing when they try to make a light of the subject.

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