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Scouts are a somewhat secret society, though they claim to be the largest youth organisation in the World.

The Scout Association teaches young boys (and sometimes girls) how to go camping, tie knots in long things, and how to do a tent erection properly

Every so often a couple of Scouts will come together and have a week long camping trip. This camp is for some unknown reason called a Jamboree. The older section called Rovers have their own camps called Moots, which is susposed to mean meeting place.

Scouts are taught the ways of the bush, and if they ever get lost, don't go bush walking in the that area. Scouts soon let out their animal instinct and decide that life in the bush is better then that of city life. Once a feral Scout finds you, you can say good-bye to your life

As for the city Scout, you're safe from them unless you are actually a senior citizen trying to cross the road. There always seem to be a Scout trying to do his good turn for the day, and the poor senior citizens end up walking 10kms a day just crossing the same intersection.

Scouts are not as bad as their sister section the Guides, who always seem to be having a biscuit/cookie drive. The Scouts on the other hand seem to have a 'Bob a Job' week. Due to inflation, the 'bob' is now worth $5 just to wash the car, and closer to $50 just to mow your lawn.

Scouts are not as bad as they are made out to be, but just next time you hear "Scout's Honour" or "Trust me, I'm a Scout", don't trust them

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