Project: Coping with the Office

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  • Project Name: Coping with the Office
  • Field Researcher: Moonglum Clampflower
  • Department: Sociology
  • Faculty: Social Sciences
  • Start Date: 20th August 2001
  • End Date: 28th September 2001
  • Assisting Sub-Editor:
  • SchrEck Inc

Project Description

Pages currently in progress:

    A616547 - Your First Day (Crisis Management)
    A615728 - Coping with Copying (Using office machinery)
    A616556 - Problems with Paper (Avoiding the need for surgery)
    A619706 - Food and Drink (Building immunity to food poisoning)
    A626285 - Computers (Dispelling the Myths)
    A644339 - Da Management (Managing you Manager)
    A648191 - Telephone Trauma (Bells and whistles)
    A651007 - Email. (How to cope with information overload)

Possible additions for later. Please note that these will probably turn into projects in their own right and so not worth tagging on to the end of this one.

    Internet do's and don'ts. (Don't get caught)
    Conspiracy Theory. (Are there really cameras in the loo?)

Contributing Researchers

    SchrEck Inc - Yes I know he's my Sub-Ed but has been a great help and has suggested stuff that has been added, so many thanks.

About The Author

I wasn't what you would call Academic. My A level exam results were failed, failed, failed. With this rather career limiting result in mind, I left home, looked for a job, and found myself working the tills at a hardware store. Over the years I went through a succession of jobs including filing, furniture removal and the laundry department of a mental hospital, which was, shall we say, entertaining to say the least. My last ten or so years have been largely office based and I see on a day to day basis people desparately trying to cope with the crapness of office life. It doesn't have to be quite so bad, so I hope you enjoy these pages and that they are of some use to you.

Further Information Required

If you have further information that you think might be useful in this project, please post it in the conversations below, or contact the Field Researcher running this project (see above).

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