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The 'Around The Day In 80 Worlds' banner, showing an astronaut with a flag on a barren planet watching the sun rise, with footsteps leading to her flying saucer.

Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
is a community project created by h2g2 Researchers,
featuring life on eighty different planets during the course of one day.

Mr Xzly sitting on the porch of his house in Krzgh eating the traditional meal of small slimy things with many legs at first sunset.The sun is setting over the Martian scrubland. The sheep on the hills are grazing and the river is quietly running its course.A fairy practicing yoga between two flowers.An unplugged vending machine.An alien scene.
An abandoned house.The interior of an alien hut, bathed in firelight.A woman wielding a spear rides on the back of a dinosaur.The Blue Mushroom Inn Around Midnight.A Venusian playing video games in his mother's basement.Twilight on Hadrusepta Minor.Very warped architecture.
An idyllic scene glimpsed by our heroes in the Enchanted Kingdom of Solkajiz, while making their way to the city of Beiminskau.Deep in inner space...A mysterious, fiery parcel appears on the planet Anathema.Art and nature resolved into numbers, geometric shapes and bicycles..An unmaintained CCTVA mysterious world
Lunch Rush on Oryx Minor.Ungor and Thrundar go FishingUngor and Thrundar go FishingCoalescing GalaxiesOrphaned?Breakfast time on Megashroom.

Date SubjectAuthor
28.05.09 Around the Day in 80 Worlds - Introduction
11.06.09 1. First Sunset in KrzghTavaron
25.06.09 2. Martian Scrublandminichessemouse
09.07.09 3. Yoga for FairiesOpticalillusion
23.07.09 4. The Cravatians of Gnistic NorgTonsilRevenge
17.09.09 5. Ungahoya, of the planet JurminklazThe Return of The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase
12.10.09 6. The former colony at Erugula VIIDmitri Gheorgheni
16.11.09 7. Fussy babies in the nightMalabarista
30.11.09 8. Dino Rider!The Return of The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase
14.12.09 9. Around Midnight in the Blue Mushroom Inn Dmitri Gheorgheni and Cactuscafe
21.12.09 10. Mothership BasementMalabarista
11.01.10 11. Twilight on Hadrusepta MinorDmitri Gheorgheni
08.02.10 12. Warped ArchitectureDmitri Gheorgheni
22.02.10 13. Unicorns at a pondWillem
15.03.10 14. Camelopardis V

dmitrigheorgheni and cactuscafe

19.04.10 15. AnathemaBel
03.05.10 16. Rhetorous chi - Rush hour chaos!Icy North
19.07.10 17. A Scavenger Foiled

dmitrigheorgheni and cactuscafe

03.04.11 18. Mysterious WorldTavaron
30.05.11 19. Lunch Rush on Oryx Minor

dmitrigheorgheni and cactuscafe

06.06.11 20. Ungor and Thrundar go FishingWillem
13.06.11 21. Giant Mutant Space GoatWillem
20.06.11 22. Coalescing Galaxieshygienicdispenser
04.07.11 23. Little KlakyllWillem
29.08.11 24. The Uzinoggs of MegashroomWillem
12.12.11 25. Fuvinorr the Firewyrm Willem
20.02.12 26. Spotted Four-horned Ogahapps Willem
09.04.12 27. Voyage to Dragontooth Island Willem
07.05.12 28. A Mind Is Born Dmitri Gheorgheni
21.05.12 29. 1000E from Erf Rod
01.07.19 Brettwest: a Desert World SashaQ
08.07.19 Debsun: a Warm and Colourful World SashaQ

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