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The 'Around The Day In 80 Worlds' banner, showing an astronaut with a flag on a barren planet watching the sun rise, with footsteps leading to her flying saucer.

The concept is quite simple: creating a modern Book of Hours for alien worlds - not for prayer, but to show scenes from a day elsewhere - be it a regular working day or a high feast, armies marching up for battle or a farmer at work.

What do elves get up to at three in the morning? When do the Martians eat dinner? What's the highlight of a deep sea diver's day? Hopefully, we can at least try to answer these questions...

What You Can Do

First, sign up below, or on the page for this project. Then, get creative!

  • We're looking for single scenes - snapshots of your world, rather than continuous stories.
    • Pick your favourite medium - drawings, paintings, photographs, collages... Just make sure it's your own work.
    • Please make the scene work without text - though you can add a caption of up to 80 words.
    • Alternately, you can write a text of exactly 80 words - a shopping list, a poem, an advertisement - for your world. But don't let the creativity stop there - write it by hand, or in an appropriate font, put it on a good background, maybe add some little illustrations or illuminated letters... Make it good graphically as well as good content.

  • To get through 80 worlds in a day, we'll need a scene every 18 minutes - or rather, every 4.5° of the timegiving planet's rotation. Please state which time you're portraying, and avoid doubles if possible! They can't all be high noon...
    • Where your scene is set is entirely up to you - as is the scale.
    • Whether it's summer or winter, when sunrise and sunset are, and how many suns and moons there are is also your choice.

  • Show us normal happenings in an exotic world - myth, fantasy, science fiction, or just unsual real life. Think of it as a silent, one-scene documentary.
    • Is your world habitable? Is there intelligent life? What's the climate like? What do people - or animals, or robots, or microbes, or stars - get up to all day?

Hopefully, with enough involvement in the project, we can publish one or more scenes in every issue of The h2g2 Post! If you'd like to submit something for us, just send it to the usual address.

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