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The Revolution will not be Tele-Tubbied. Zaphodistas A520769.

Last Gasp Petition Drive

March 15, 2002 will mark one year since h2g2 came back under BBC. Why not celebrate by signing the Petition for Greater Freedom on h2g2, so we can print one paper copy of all the electronic signatures and send it straight to Bush House by March 15? Also find out how you can

End Moderation by Partying Harder!

at the Last Gasp Petition Drive/One Year of BBC Celebration!

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Go! Now!

Sign the Petition for Greater Freedom on h2g2!

The number one most constructive action you can take at this moment to let the BBC know how you feel about their handling of h2g2, to show them the number of sane people (some of them not even Zaphodistas!) who agree that the new restrictions alienate users.

smiley - If you really want to see change at h2g2, please consider advertising the petition in your nickname. Even adding the words "petition A544943" will be enough to show most old-timers where you want them to go, and will make newcomers curious about what petition you're talking about. This kind of word of mouth has obviously helped the membership of the Zaphodistas grow. Hopefully it will have the same effect on the petition. (And if you're worried about your nickname getting longer and longer, then take out "Zaphodista" and put "petition" there instead.) smiley -

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Check out the Alternative House Rules, a page which aims to clarify the real House Rules by showing past precedents. Lucinda is eager to hear any suggestions or questions about it. If nothing else, you'll be amazed at how much research was put into the page, finding approximately 30 precedents and examples of how the rules have been applied in the past, complete with links to relevant pages or conversation threads.

Also there's a new club (?!) called the Small But Vocal Minority. I'm not sure what goals it has, or if the whole thing is a satire. Groucho Marx allegedly said he would never join any group that would have him as a member, but I think I've been nominated for inclusion so often in the past that I could not avoid this one even if I wanted to. Please join us, and let's see how much we can strain the adjective "small" in Small But Vocal Minority.

The Alternative Writing Workshop helps you polish your important pieces of writing that are not intended for the Edited Guide. Some things you write, like opinion pieces, fiction or interviews, fall outside the scope of the Edited Guide. Not only will people give you helpful suggestions at AWW, there's none of the pressure to finally have your entry accepted or rejected by some of these same critics.

[4 July 2001, updated 17 Aug 2001]

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Head to The F***ing Pub for some idle yet subversive chitchat with other Zaphodistas.

[7 July 2001]

The Wingding Workaround! Article from The Post explaining how Wingdings may work nicely to add illustrations to you h2g2 pages.

Any of you tricky GuideML adepts might want to check out Almighty Rob's Code for the Zaphodista List, a drop-down box that shows links to all the members' personal space. But if you do put one of these on your page, please try to update the names once in a while, or check back to the link above for updates.

Choose a revolutionary
Subcomandante Insurgent DeidzoebswivFat MammothMarcAverage JoeKasiaAmy the Revolting AntMunchkinGarius LupusArhuaineShea the SarcasticOttoxAnne of a Thousand DaysNYC StudentGreyDeskOrmondroydLinusSantragenius VJk the unwisePheroneousRocket RodThe Corrupt OneBagpussGalaxy BabeMother of God, Empress of the Universe:X [formerly The High Duke of Mars]ZebZorpheusEtherZevEternityImaldrismagratWumbeevilEvil OneTitaniaRaverOrcusPierce the PirateInannaTefkatThe NitpickersoeasilyamusedArdzil MkIIBig Mad Mr TeatsmiceComrade RumbleAndroyd Acest. broelanSporkulious EglonGwennieLady KshazzPRMETaleisinZmrzlinaEllyMr K H JordanWowbaggerGo-Go GirlLittle MischiefKheldarDrGoofLithiumBaldrickthe other omylouseBobGranny WeatherwaxAfgncaap5AndyProfessor Christopher TonksThe Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase Mark TwoGTBacchusMelinda the BasketcaseYossarian PrefectBumblebeeHatifnatOne-eyeSoapylou, Logic SkipperFreaky CheezePasteyAnonYowuzupmanKTGoshoogoshoogoshAruthaSchrEck Inc.YK's Entire CompanySpaceCadetteJane Muse of Bad Girls'netteringoSergeant Mushroom and CleoPsybrorangerjusticeZero Reali-Tea Entitymari-raea girl called jackGeorge (the babbling) BrookeiopgodMagnolia ThunderpussyKierkegaardvarkIceravenEeyoreVHelium BanditTIMELORDEarthmanTwinkleFrizzychickBoring GuyMetal ChickenJeremy FS JBBWeatherwaxXercesThe Toxin AvengerEngländer, Tschörmen and E´s Alter EgoWolfmanJeffMandarbCourtneyMattKristina, the Flamenco DancerContemplationGinTonyxNiwtDr. Kareem El Kandossy ZivanaTabitcaDastardlyZarniroopIorethSuzZedKumabearFreedomSt. TrinSakkiRed DogwizardNetterNotquiteallhereJamieTerriRedFishStellaSylviaBosselSiguyThe Oppressed Pipe of Great MagnitudePeetBurnE_G_MelMickey Thomas' Right FootplaguesvilleCaptain KebabBabelJoe aka Arniasome bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy, pithy nameAlmighty RobJimmy the Evil ScarMadMunk?¿the phantom of the web (part time)PandoraArgon0Uncle MontyIncrease MathersArlecchinoScary DaveEntityMinsweep GoddessMerkinDavius the Mostly CompetentgenfinchRuppingerCyberLemmingZaphodjimbobthefinderAnonymouseAsnoT

The ASCII Uprising by Almighty Rob.

Details how to put ASCII art in your GuideML entries and the name of software for converting graphic images to ASCII art.

virtual Public Self-Immolation

For gods' sakes, don't do anything to hurt yourself in REAL LIFE just to protest BBC's restrictions. But if you're thinking of quitting h2g2, why not do it spectacularly? Minor update to Guerrilla Tactics.

If Free Speech Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Speak Freely.

Almighty Rob makes the case for why "the Zaphodistas are part of a wider global movement for justice, equity and democracy."

What Gives You The Right

In order to describe the relationship h2g2 researchers have with BBC, some people have said we are like houseguests, so we have no right to question rules set by our host. The list of analogies keeps piling up. Try these two new ones: cattle baron versus sodbusters, and the Zaphodista Army as virtual union.

[23 April 2001]

Damage Control

I have been guilty of flaming in several message posts lately. The feeling of superiority I get over my opponent is a quick high, but it fades rapidly. Even if I win the duel, my actions disgust friends and allies who witness the events. And it hurts the cause.
...I would also like to personally apologize to the Italics. I have sometimes targeted them unfairly, when the problems actually come from BBC, or when the Italics felt they had no alternatives but to make controversial decisions. I believe they want what is best for h2g2, even if we disagree on methods to get there. Anyone who wants the Zaphodista Army to have a positive effect, please don't follow the bad example I have set in the past. We must keep in mind that even over bitter disagreements, it is best to respectfully disagree...

[14 APRIL 2001]

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Not that they're "censors" or anything, but
"Any Conversations or Guide Entries that talk about the General Election will be removed by the Moderators..."

The "h2g2 and the UK General Election" page was temporarily down last I looked. Keep an eye on it to see which topics you may only discuss outside of h2g2.

[discovered 7 April 2001]

Duncan 'Spearcarrier' Jones: I resign (effective immediately)

Last words of an h2g2 refugee. "...I am a British citizen, I pay the BBC licence fee and I am a registered voter. But I can't discuss the general election on this site?..."

See also Duncan's post #4 on A Response from the Editor forum.

"How does my posting a comment on H2G2 differ legally from my phoning up a radio phone-in program? I believe that someone has misinterpreted the rules and I believe that H2G2 will suffer as a result."


2 APRIL 2001.

Peta (h2g2 Community Editor) explains which BBC restrictions may fade away in the future, and which are likely to remain. See post #21 on The Third Way forum under the Brainstorming Board. (2 April 2001)


Only two weeks old, and our little revolution has already run into the "MLK vs. Malcolm X Syndrome." Some of us want to bring about justice "by any means necessary." Others feel that peaceful negotiation with the Beeb will be undermined by subversive or offensive tactics. Would you believe I'm not on the Malcolm X side of this one?...

30 MARCH 2001. Alabasters of Their Eyes

...One musket shot has sounded, coming from our flank. We are under attack from the Loyalists, subjects of h2g2 who don't mind the tyrranical actions of their lords, fighting in defense of the BBC. You can spot them by the fact that they admittedly prefer alabaster. (*shiver*)...

27 MARCH 2001. Code for the Intentionally Broken Graphic Link Logo.

26 MARCH 2001. Zaphodistas' Workaround Guide to Surviving the BBSiege.

Tips and tricks to help you get as close to free expression as allowed in your h2g2 experience.

26 MARCH 2001. Revising the list of Demands.

The place to go to debate the importance of URLs, off-site pictures, DON'T PANIC buttons and greater-than/less-than fishies.

25 MARCH 2001. Zaphodistas' Song Contest.

What should be the Official marching song of the Zaphodistas? The Official drinking song? The Official battle anthem? The Official love song? The Official sentimental break-up song of the Zaphodistas? The Official "why does everything have to be official anyway?" song? The Official tonsilectomy song? Huh?

18 MARCH 2001. First Declaration of the Zaphodista Army of Cybernautic Liberation.

Main Zaphodista page. If you seek a pleasant manifesto, look no further.



Great little expression of disgust by "BBC Hostage" (formerly known as The High Duke of Mars). Show BBC how you feel by adding this silenced smiley to your nickname.

"Nowhere2go2" was created by disgruntled researchers when h2g2 was down. DrGoofLithium U128068 runs the nowhere2go2 site that tries to co-ordinate the many message boards that cropped up during the downtime.

How can an online community with this level of restriction on free expression survive? (h2g2 forum)

Why moderation is censorship (h2g2 forum)

No personal opinions anymore? (h2g2 forum from Moderation Help Desk)

Images (h2g2 forum on the restriction of off-site graphics)

ByeByeChums (h2g2 forum)

The View at h2g2 (21 March 2001 column from h2g2 Post by Fragilis).

A well-balanced look at Moderation and the new House Rules at h2g2, discussing American and UK internet laws.

Demon settles net libel case

BBC News Sci/Tech article on the Godrey vs. Demon net libel case.

Insert Your Communiqués Here

Why should I have all the fun writing propaganda for the Zaphodistas? Haven't you been itching to write your own "communiqué" about how the rebellion goes in your neck of the woods? Write a guide entry about why you feel a change is necessary at h2g2, why you feel the petition is worth signing, what experiences have led you to oppose moderation. Write a poem or a children's story featuring a subversive slug wearing a Goo beret. Anything you want, we'll mention it in a page of links, and maybe vote on the best examples to link directly from the petition.

So far I've monopolized the Zaphodista Communiqués, but this has the potential to be a periodical somewhat like the h2g2 Post (though never as wonderful as what Ormy and Fraggy and shazz accomplish on the Post, pucker smooch smooch disinfect smooch love smother yum). Anybody interested in contributing a column, or a few articles? Here's my idea for the most asinine possible column of a revolutionary newsletter: "Zaphodista Life" <stereotypicalsmiley>. A carefree listing of wonderful places to visit on h2g2 when you're not chanting "FIGHT THE POWER," maybe some unedited guide entries that you've found interesting. Zaphodista gardening tips, make yours the most Revolting flowerbed in the neighborhood! "Dear Generalisimo," advice for the lovelorn?

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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