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When I arrived here in July of 1999, this place was mostly fields. Only a handful of articles were written by the H2G2 Editing Team, and they've all been deleted since. Basically, they were cheap knockoffs of DNA's entries in the Hitchhiker's series. And the rest of us did pretty much the same thing. Here are my edited entries that attempted to be pithy:

A195662 - My favorite author.

A206722 - My hometown.

A209062 - How I got through my pubescent years during that whole "repulsive to the feminine of the species" phase.

A210457 - Something other people did.

A219999 - Not my hometown, and thank goodness for that.

A254477 - This is my least favorite article, because it was supposed to be funny, but right about then the Guide decided it didn't want to be funny anymore, and the editing decisions that resulted were disastrous. On the upside, Douglas Adams personally rendered his distaste for the final result. Read the unedited version instead. A142804

A285068 - And yet, this one didn't suffer the same fate. Curious.

So ends the silly phase. H2G2 decided it wanted to be useful and factual, so I gave that angle a try, slowly pushing myself to more difficult subject matter as time passed.

A291674 - Books your pastor doesn't want you to read.

A311284 - Good fun. Just don't die.

A315857 - And here's the stuff you need to make sure you don't.

A325757 - The place I'd go after failing to die on a dive.

A354638 - And now you know, more or less, what I do for a living.

A397208 - It's not just for manic depressives anymore.

A457067 - My first truly ambitious project.

A506341 - I've done religion, so let's give politics a shot.

A430561 - University project time. Getting very ambitious now.

A525278 - It's a history of the document, which makes for better reading than the original.

A424072 - All the good ideas about revolt came from Britain. And they say Americans don't understand irony.

A933914 - Something I slapped together for Ben's Uni project.

And then, suddenly, I lost all ambition whatsoever.


I contribute something significant to...

A138368 - Originally a solo work entitled 'American Football', it got incorporated with other solo works on the subject into one.

A315938 - If you don't know the California stuff was me, you haven't been paying attention. There was other stuff that didn't make the final edit.

A354782 - Me? Dining etiquette? I wrote the USA section until it starts to drone on about tea.

A403147 - Picnic races. People falling down a lot.

A418457 - Recycling - the Flip Side. Shocking stuff, eh?

A467912 - More Common Pregnancy Avoidance Methods section. There is no excuse for an unplanned pregnancy.

A472033 - The entire Argument for Disbelief section. Obviously.

A635997 - Car dealers in the USA. I got burned once. Learn from my mistake.

And I contributed little or nothing of value to...

A71498 - I spent six days there getting drunk, so all I had to contribute was the bit on microbreweries. Just be glad I could remember that much.

A128143 - Some of those words are mine, apparently.

A206380 - That dopey little joke in the footnote? That's me.

A273700 - The bit about US celebrations, bringing together a pair of common themes... drinking beer, and children abusing each other.

A145342 - One or two, obviously. Don't ask me.

A288966 - If I had to guess, I'd say I got into an argument over the third line in Ring-a-Ring-of-Roses.

A406720 - Something or other. This is all pretty basic stuff.

A422687 - Some useful bits on saving.

A447770 - A pair of nerdy words from radar.

A540514 - No idea. Really.

A521533 - Air mattresses. I cannot emphasize them enough.

A517646 - A footnote on Heaven's Gate was lifted from the funny version of my Atheism article

A848685 - The dog peeing on a tree bit. Because I'm a hopeless romantic like that.

A930142 - The communal food anecdote.

A1011853 - The cautionary quote on blind spots.

A1053901 - The adorable first anecdote. Say it in unison: "Awww..." And a bit about my wife later on.

A1067780 - Disposable cameras. They're not just a decoration, they're an obligation.

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