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Spring Break

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A holiday observed in the United States that is a nationwide orgy of fun that commences when schools and universities close their doors for a week during the spring. As not all schools close at the same time, the spring break can last for a couple of weeks.

Although it is observed nationwide, the sorts of activities that adolescents want to enjoy during spring aren't tolerated everywhere. This has led to a number of 'hot spots', where teens from neighboring states converge. The tolerant cities profit from selling inordinate amounts of alcohol and condoms, but the cleaning up afterwards has led some cities to change their minds about hosting spring break altogether. Former hippy singers turned mayors have also been known to discourage entire cities at a time.

The types of activities found depends on the hot spot chosen. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been the hot spot in the east for longer than any other. Events there have been tamed a bit, though, so you can expect a maximum police presence and a minimum of skin flashing. MTV descends upon the place every year, too1.

Lake Havasu, Arizona, is the newest spot for convergence, having evolved since Cher's former vocal partner, Sonny, destroyed all things fun in Palm Springs. The wealthy traveller will want to come here, rent a cabin on the lake, and bring his boat.

In the land of gunracks and drive-through liquor stores is a place called South Padre, Texas. By reputation this is the most permissive location. This should come as no suprise to the educated traveller who knows that in this state it is legal to kill your spouse if they're discovered in an act of adultery. The natives are rather proud of this law, as well as many of the other goings on there. Any visitors with business acumen will bring along a camera, so such events can be reproduced on the world wide web.

1So that's another reason to avoid the place.

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