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Have you heard any good jokes lately? Great, let's swap! We've probably all got to entertain our relatives and friends this Christmas, so let's help each other out on the humour front this year and make everybody really happy. Or not, as the case may be...

Here's a couple to start you off:

  • Question: What's the difference between a bogey and a Brussels sprout?

    Answer: Small boys won't eat Brussels sprouts...

  • A rabbit walks into a pub and orders a cheese toastie and a pint of beer. The barman looks a little surprised but the rabbit has put his money on the counter, so the barman serves him. The rabbit eats the toastie, drinks the beer and then leaves.

    The next night the rabbit comes in again. He asks for a ham and cheese toastie and a beer. He pays up, eats, drinks and leaves.

    The third night the rabbit arrives again. The same thing happens, but this time the rabbit orders a cheese and mushroom toastie and a beer. He pays as usual, eats up and leaves again.

    Next night, there is no sign of the rabbit. It gets to closing-time and the barman is clearing up. He gets a creepy feeling, turns around and sees the ghost of the rabbit standing in the doorway. The barman summons his courage and asks, 'Rabbit! How did you die? You seemed so fit and healthy last night!' The rabbit shook his head and sadly said, 'Mixing my toasties.'

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