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(Loo) Roll Reversal

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My teenage daughter has developed a penchant for leaving the seat up. She won't actually admit to this, but the reason is presumably either :
- To get me bawled out by her mother (extremely effective if so), or...
- To assert herself in some (incomprehensible) fashion.
This is extremely distressing for me, since I have a seat-and-lid-down-afterwards reflex, which is probably a consequence of having grown up in a house full of females AND of being a Pom.
Not the original point of this posting, but the title puts me in mind of another aspect of lavatorial behaviour guaranteed to enrage the female of the species. This is hanging a toilet roll with the outer sheet wall-side rather than on the outside, the latter configuration apparently being the way that all civilised people (ie women) would spontaneously do it.
Do others experience serious damage to hearing over this bathroom faux pas too?
(Incidentally, found your cricket piece pleasing. Spent some happy times watching Hadlee + Clive Rice in tandem at Notts, with bat and ball. Two exceptional players)

(Loo) Roll Reversal

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This is interesting. I'm a bloke and I try to set up the bog roll with the lose bit away from the wall, just because it seems easier to get sheets off it like that, you can see what you're doing and can control it better. It doesn't particularly infuriate me if it's the other way round though. I think women just like getting worked up over little things. Maybe it's to try and assert themselves?
Who knows?

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(Loo) Roll Reversal

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