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Martians talking to Venusians

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Such conversations are best avoided by Martians. Do like the Venusians do and learn to fake it. I forget which Steve Coogan persona summed it up thus: Of course I'm a new man. Well, you've got to be nowadays if you want to get your leg over, haven't you?

Martians talking to Venusians

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

In New Zealand the sheilas (women) have taken over all the top jobs. The good news is that it gives the men more time to spend down the pub smiley - winkeye

Martians talking to Venusians

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Kadu Flyer

Surely it is simple maths

For men to give in to women, they will need to make a seat adjustment about 80% of the time (rough ration of number 1s to number 2s) giving something like 1.6 seat changes per visit.

Women would have zero seat changing operations.

Now where's the fairness in that.

Of course this applies normal logic - not womans logic smiley - biggrin


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