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I'm a bloke, living with a sheila in godzone. When I take a p**s (indoors) I always find the seat down. I simply lift it up and p**s. No stress to me. But as you've all mentioned, it's just more than you're life's worth to ever leave the seat in the up position.
When I'm done, I put down the seat AND cover together. Then, when my sheila needs to p**s, she has to lift the cover. Therefore, I make sure that we all have to lift up a cover or seat when we go in. Fair.

Outdoors, the cards are stacked way in our (blokes) favour. When you need to have a p**s, you just find a handy tree. Clearly this is a damn sight easier outdoors in godzone than in pomland for example. Can't imagine that kind of carry-on going down too well in Hyde Park for example. Most countries in the world they arrest you for performing normal bodily functions!

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As I see it...

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