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A long bass joke.

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A American businessman travels to Africa for a business trip. The first thing he notices as he steps of the airplane is the distance sound of drums. He listens to it for a while and is amazed at both the wonderful technique and the fact that the drums never seem to stop.

He gets in his cab and rolls down the window, listening to the drums on his way to the hotel. After a few minutes, he comments on the drums to the cab-driver.
"Oh, yes," replies the cabbie. "The drums play all the time. We pray constantly that the drumming never ceases."

"Really?" says the businessman. "What happens if the drums stop?"

The cab driver immediately stops the car, orders the businessman out, and starts praying on his knees on the sidewalk that the drums never stop.

The businessman walks the rest of the way to his hotel. As he is checking in, he surreptitiously inquires about the drums with the woman checking him in: "Hey, I noticed the drums playing outside...They're very nice..um...what is supposed to happen if the drumming stops?"

The hostess's smile disappears. "We do not speak of it. Here is your room key." She immediately turns and walks away.

The next afternoon, the businessman goes to a meeting. One of the people in the meeting is another American who has been in Africa for a few months. After the meeting, he pulls this man aside and asks, "Hey, everyone here seems really superstitious about the drums. What is supposed to happen when the drums stop?"

"Oh, a horrible thing," he replies. "When the drums stop playing, the bass solo starts."smiley - smiley

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A long bass joke.

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