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And questions...

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Chris Tonks

Yep, if you have any questions about this project, please ask them here...
Or you can email me at [email protected] ...
I won't accept atachments!

Thankyou! smiley - smiley

- The Big C

And questions...

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Hello there...

is anything happening here?

I'd like to realise the utopia cafebar, and can draw lots of pics for it if that helps. I too am a busy bee IRL - but manage to spenf far more time on this than I probably should.

good luck, and let me know if i can help.


And questions...

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Chris Tonks

Um, well, it's a bit of an odd situation here you see...smiley - erm

I started this project a while back, and got a few people interested. However, there still isn't a big enough group of people interested enough to get this thing underway yet.
And, added to the fact that I have too much to do in RL, so I have to release my managing status of this project to someone else (and no one's answered my posts in the other threads yet), I'm really not the person to talk to...smiley - winkeye

However, if you could tell everyone you know about this project, well hell, the more hands the better eh? smiley - smiley

So then, this Utopia Caf├ębar... is it big enough, and does it have multiplayer potential? smiley - smiley


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Peter aka Krans

Okay, this project is now under my management, in association with Game Mapping UK (www.gamemapping.co.uk).

I really want to hear from anyone here who can use Worldcraft, 3D Studio Max, C++, or is any good at texturing.

The advantage of having the Half-Life Realisation Project working with a mapping site is threefold, I feel:

(1) We will be able to get more interest in h2g2 from outside.
(2) We will be able to have the maps available to download from a public site.
(3) We will be able to have h2g2 specific textures there for everybody invloved in the project to download.

If anyone has any strong feelings about this, I'd be grateful if they'd tell me.

This cafe bar...

Post 5

Peter aka Krans

This cafe sounds like just what we need to start us off...

If you can draw floor plans and a couple of views (show where they're views from!) and scan and e-mail them to me, I'll do a little quick drafting, take screenshots and post them somewhere for people to comment on, so we can see if it really is suitable.

This cafe bar...

Post 6


Hello Krans,

I certainly can sketch out a floor plan, and am quite excited about the whole thing. I really don't know much about this level building stuff, but will we ultimatley be able to make up characters to play in the levels?

I'm not really much of a gamer - I've played Manic Miner, Lemmings, Tombraider, Quake, Urban Chaos and Deus Ex, but probably not as much as you have. I've also never done online gaming, although my housemates have just set up a house network, so I'll be fraggin my flatmates soon, no doubt.

I will sketch and scan a floor plan for the utopia cafebar, upload it to fotango, and post you a link. You might like to pop along there yourself to get a feel for the place. www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A465242

Perhaps we'll need to have a playground for fighting if theres going to be shooting and superhero games, i don't want the plates getting broken. In fact, it might be a very good idea to have a really good playground for fighting, and a nice cafebar to chat utopia after pummeling out all that agression in the playground.

I also know that a guy called willem wants to set up a wildlife park outside the utopia cafebar, perhaps we can put that in one day.

well, I'll sketch you a floorplan soon,



PS pop into the utopia cafebar A465842 for smiley - cakesmiley - bubbly & smiley - biggrin

This cafe bar...

Post 7

Peter aka Krans

It doesn't really matter that you aren't a level designer... we need artists too!

Yes, I'll pop along sometime. smiley - smiley

**Announcement #2**

Post 8

Peter aka Krans

I've created a new article for this project:


If you still want to be involved could you please go and post on the forums...

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