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Welcome to the Utopia Cafebar.

*~~pleasant smells of food~~*.

Utopia A place or state of things where everything is perfect.

The Utopia CafeBar - serving tea, toast and optimism. A place to eat and drink and smile. Best food and drink in the known and unknown multiverse.
smiley - cakesmiley - bubblysmiley - biggrin
Sadly, smiley - earth is far from Utopia. So the UtopiaCafeBar remains situated in an imaginary location heresmiley - moon untill this can be rectified, and we can smiley - hug and love and smiley - rocket the smiley - bleep outta here to party in space,smiley - biggrin and leave the rest of the biosphere to sort out our messes.

In the meantime you are encouraged to come in, rant and ramble, throw your ideas around and have a utopian-good time. Sneerers and cyncics welcome, but may be subjected to relentless positivity. smiley - wow

PS - if any top space technicians, lunar engineers, barstaff or mega-millionaires out there wanna get this cafe open in a less imaginary way please apply below...

smiley - cakesmiley - bubblysmiley - biggrin

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