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The Garden

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*its a warm and sunny afternoon*

purplejenny is in the garden. Birds are tweeting. Butterflies flutter by. A little radio plays a cheesy pop tune of a light and cheeful nature. You can smell sweetpeas and jasmine. A little tiny brook trickles into a little tiny pond.

*purplejenny lies on the grass, looking up through the leaves of a sycamore tree.*

This is a nice quiet place.



The Garden

Post 2

JK the unwise

A mad loon named JK the unwise
falls from a tree house hitting the floor
with a brutish thud. He gets up dazed wonders
where he is and weather he as been on a d.rugs
binge or som in.
Sees Pjenny waves a confused wave
sees fence at end of garden
"Gota rush" he shouts over to the increadably
relaxed looking Pjenny "Ill be back when I can
if not see you in few mounths"
Then he runs to wards the fence and in an amazing
feat of pysical ajility jumps it and keeps running
as he hits infinity on the other side.

The Garden

Post 3


*raises head slightly*





The Garden

Post 4




smiley - smiley

*The 'Lady Stanley' hibiscus has just come into bloom. Its (still) late afternoon and the morning glories that grow through the tree are curling shut after their day of floral glory as new buds are twirling open for tomorrow. They look like soft swirled icecream with rasperry or blueberry or purpleberry sauce. There are daisies, clover, poppies and stock hidden in the grass.

There is a geranium in a pot hanging from the tree in a string bag, cos... well... cos jenny likes it like that. 'Slightly comedy' as friend once said.

smells good.

The song on the radio is called Dreams are all we have. *



smiley - cool

The Garden

Post 5


*some time later a chill is in the air. she is collecting seeds, composting deadwood.*

The Garden

Post 6


plants daffodils

The Garden

Post 7


The daffodils are in bloom, as are the narcissi. The snowdrops have faded but some of the pansies are still going strong.

The deadwood and leaves have been composted with all the fruit and veg leftovers, and now the soil is enriched... very gooey. We've planted seeds of marigolds, cornflower, sweetpea, morning glory, rocket and spinach. Many of them were saved seeds, or found seeds, or swapped seeds, so the results should be interesting

And I've got a load of white poppy seeds on the way... Interestinger and Interestinger said Alice.

smiley - biggrin

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