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Mardi Gra

ok, I can manage most letters with accents like é (ALT+130), but is there any way of getting a u with a straight line above it to display in an entry? tvm

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You would need to force a font which contains it and is common enough to be displayed on most computers. Lucida Sans Unicode contains a lot of extra characters - not all of them displayable in other fonts and therefore not in this post.

The other approach is to use TABLE art (NB there are skin colour and browser issues) or a tiny graphic.

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

You may find this helpful too <./>GuideML-Characters</.>

smiley - ok


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combattant pour liberte

If you can set the character set to Unicode (UTF-8, for example) and then either type the entity or copy the text from a Unicode-enabled text editor like Word 97 or later, or new versions of Notepad or Wordpad.

Failing that you could tell people to change the encoding on their broser to UTF8. I did that on a conversation forum concerning the assassination of Serbian Premier Zoran &#272;indi&#263; (whose name is usually spelt "Djindjic" in English and is pronounced "Jinjich", to see that name change the encoding on your browser to Unicode).

The Unicode website has PDF documents with hexadecimal (base 16) entities. My website http://kingal86.tripod.com/usa/us_assassin.html uses Unicode in Milosevic's name (properly spelt MiloŇ°evi&#263smiley - winkeye.

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Spelugx the Beige, Wizard, Perl, Thaumatologically Challenged

The problem is that h2g2 doesn't fully support Unicode. Whilst the XML internally supports parsing numeric entities specifying unicode characters, they will not travel through the system from article to webpage correctly.

However, more than 7-bit ASCII is supported, the set of supported characters is approximately those in ISO-8859-15.


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