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Some links not showing in Journal

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Hi there,

I did some editing on my ABOUT ME entry this morning, and two links just won't show. They look fine, one of them was showing up perfectly in Preview mode, I added another and both then disappeared into thin air. No ampersands, no problem that I can see.

If you click on my name you can see the problem for yourself smiley - smiley

If you go to View>Source>Find and do a search for the word Similarly it will take you to the location of the problem.

Any suggestions gratefully received smiley - wah

Some links not showing in Journal

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You haven't put any text between the opening and closing link tags. So the page generation (view source) starts to make a link and closes it again without any characters for you to see and click on. Technically the link _is_ there. It's just unusable (by humans).

Some links not showing in Journal

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Aha! Thanks for that reply, I see now what I was doing wrong. I was expecting to do it the other way round, for some reason - to paste in the address, then fill in the text in the pop-up box. DOH! Fixed now.smiley - cheers

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Some links not showing in Journal

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