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interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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As far as MM is concerned ... I would rather listen to him than, say, N'Sync. smiley - smiley

interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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Hmm... can't say I care much for MM myself.

But I will (almost embarrasingly) admit to liking three or four songs by the Backstreet Boys. Probably because they were written by the likes of Mutt Lange... smiley - smiley

interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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Don't be embarrassed, Armagod. If you notice, I said I didn't like N'Sync. I'm one of the founding members of the S.S.O.C.B.S.B.F. (Secret Society of Closet BackStreet Boys Fans) .... Shhhh ... don't tell anybody ... smiley - smiley

Larger than Life,

interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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Plato Potato

Ive been Goth since the 80's. Ive watched it change and develop for about 15 years. Youve summed up the whole thing pretty well I've got to say.
I think the vanity thing melts through the entire mix and is the cause of all this seperatism. In Scotland the scene having died a death (pardon the pun) has recently woken up and is now absolutely huge. With all the kids/babygoths came MM ect or so it seemed....There is just a huge resentment for incommers if they threaten your place round the table.... you in turn resent what they like... and start talking about the old times as if they were the only real goth times....
Majority of UK goths dont believe America has any Real Goths so there is a distinct humourous giggle everytime goth band and American are put together in the same sentence.

interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

Re: US Goths. Exactly my feelings. The vast majority of the music labeled "Goth" over there is not what I IMHO would consider Goth. Maybe the Goth-inherent deapth is missing?! smiley - winkeye

interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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Shaitan (Father of all Vampires, 1st Lord of the Wamphyri)

I do have two MM albums, as well as one cradle of filth. Do U remember that show
that Used to be on, called The Wonder Years? had Fred Savage in it, and he had two
friends, one girl with long, brown hair, and a skinny looking kid with glasses. This geeky
kid was played by an ACTOR who now plays a very convincing act, as a character called
MARILYN MANSON. I like a few of the bands songs, but as far as I am concerned, he is
not Goth, he is Goff (wannabe)

interesting entry on goths and whatnot.....

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Researcher 203759

Right First of GOTH Started in Britian.
As For MM being goth. Reason most europeans do not veiw MM As Goth is because he come out with so many UN-GOTH like statements. He proclaims himself to be goth which most goth band do not. Just read what old uncle andrew has to say on the sisters of mercy web site.

Personally i could not care less about him or his music but what i do find annoying is the way the subculture is getting labeled because of him.

I would rather have certain facts about goth being well known.
One we are not all wimps. Most that i know have spent years studying Martial Arts to enable them to remain caim. We will not start a fight but by the GODS we will Finish it.

Getting Jumped by NEDS (TOWNIES, REDNECKS or whatever you chose to call them) is a common occurance and if you go out wearing makeup and have for over 10/20 years you rapidly learn to look after yourself. Remember GOTH came out of PUNK.

Also Mainstream music is not like because most of it has absolutely nothing to say. It is mass produce manufacture rubbish. When goth bands did end up in the charts no goth rediculed them but then that was at the high of the scene back in the mid 80's


yes.... ill just ramble for a while...

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i think you would consider me a "goff" and while this has already been referred to, it aint clear cut. i mosh instead of clubbing and i wear metaller clothes but i still consider myself goth. i dont think people conform that much except the sheep, or mundanes or trendies or whatever you prefer to call them. these are the people who wear what they see others wearing and all go goth because it "looks cool". there are an increasing number going to the mosher gigs and this is one of the few things that really annoys me. they then ask why IM there!! fgs, iv been a weirdo longer than they even knew goths existed!! sorry rant over. i never make much sense when talking and i do apologise. i think my point was that while i look like a goff, in spirit i am a goth. so there.

how do i change my nickname? ah well, ill find out sooner or later......
mmm boots http://www.pennangalan.co.uk/boots/FW86.php

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