Talking Point: Competitiveness

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The Apprentice: Sir Alan Sugar.

Competition. Good for us, according to the free-market system. Bad for us, according to the people who want to stamp out sports days in schools around the country. Take a peek inside the boardroom of BBC One's The Apprentice, and you'll see friends and team-mates suddenly turn on each other in a bid to survive a sacking. Sitting silent in the boardroom, or worse, admitting that you've messed up a task, would be the same as booking your taxi ride off the show.

Wanting to win - no matter what - is clearly seen as A Good Thing in these candidates vying for a six-figure job as Sir Alan Sugar's apprentice. Is competitiveness the trait that marks out successful people, more than intelligence, talent or all-round ability? So, on to the starting blocks for this week's Talking Point - we want to know:

  • What do you think of competitiveness - is it good or bad?

  • What's the most competitive thing you've ever done?

  • What the most competitive act you've ever come across yourself?

  • Would you ever enter a talent show, or reality game show like I'd Do Anything or The Apprentice?

  • Do you think competitiveness is affected by your place in the family? Are younger children more competitive than eldest children?

  • Why are some parents so competitive for their children?

  • Have you ever come across a 'pushy parent'?

  • Is competitiveness encouraged in British society or not?

  • What's the stupidest competition, dare or bet you've ever been involved in?

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